Monday, December 17, 2007

7 Bold Moves GM Tony Reagins Should Pursue (Part I)

I've been quite disappointed, from every standpoint, at the way the Angels off-season has gone.

The shambolic nature of the Miguel Cabrera debacle, coupled with the perplexing Torii Hunter signing, has left me reaching for the Mylanta bottle time and time again this off-season.

Let's review what's happened so far: two moves (Torii Hunter signing and Jon Garland trade), one non-move (Miguel Cabrera), and the release of Dallas McPherson.

Once again, the goals of the off-season should have been to: 1) acquire a young, power hitting 3rd baseman, 2) provide depth to the bullpen, which, for all the hype, ranked a palty 8th in the AL at 4.24, 3) maybe add an emergency arm, in case someone goes down.

The results: 1) no 3rd baseman, 2) no bullpen help (unless you count the slotting of an excess starter into the pen), 3) Jon Garland, a decent pitcher, but not much more than that.

The next logical question is, what can the Angels do now? Have they so far screwed themselves that we can expect a 90 win, AL West Title and first-round exit at the hands of a team that can hit?

The answer is: Ask Tony Reagins, because he has the power to somewhat fix this.

I believe there are 7 avenues Tony Reagins can pursue that can help alleviate these pesky problems the Angels have, namely, a lack of power/plate discipline and bullpen arms.

To be continued...

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